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Dewey Fairchild, Parent Problem Solver, by Lorri Horn | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Amberjack Publishing
The Children’s Book Review | August 1, 2017

Dewey_Cover_FrontDewey Fairchild, Parent Problem Solver

Written by Lorri Horn

Age Range: 9-12

Hardcover: 252 pages

Publisher: Amberjack Publishing (August 8, 2017)

ISBN: 978-1944995164

What to expect: Family, Problem Solving, Parents, Friendships

Dewey Fairchild finds his calling when he uses a creative idea to help his friend Seraphina solve her parent problems. With the help of Seraphina, his buddy Colin, and longtime (much older) family friend and babysitter Clara Cottonwood, Dewey’s budding business as Parent Problem Solver begins to take off.

There are quite a few problems that need to be solved. Danny’s dad is a prankster and Danny is always the butt of the jokes. Michael’s mom is a major germophobe. Georgina’s dad burps and picks his nose in public. Seraphina has an “overactive mom”. But Dewey’s toughest problem could potentially be his own.

Besides the creative problem solving and enjoyable storytelling, the design of the book makes Dewey Fairchild: Parent Problem Solver a pleasure to read. The endpapers resemble lined paper from a composition book and set the scene for both the school age of the characters and the large amounts of paperwork that Dewey and his team have. The text is well sized and generously spaced, which makes for easier work on the eyes/brain and a faster reading experience.

The characters are all individually entertaining and their problem-solving skills are bound to empower creative thinking among readers. The splattering of fun facts—such as the number of calls Poison Control receives about ingesting poop, and how Tootsie Rolls got their name—are effortlessly woven into the story and add humor as well as intellect. And the use of witty analogies throughout helps create clear visuals for the reader:

“When Wolfie was a puppy, he never seemed to like belly rubs. But now, at the old age of two, he rolled over with just the slightest of prompting and opened all four legs like a time-lapse flower in full bloom.”

There are well-placed mentions of other great characters from literature—such as Harry Potter and Tom Sawyer—that create familiarity for those that have read these books, but could also answer the question of “what to read next” once this book is closed. From an adult’s perspective, this story gains bonus points for encouraging close child-parent relationships and bonding through reading—all while being completely kid-centric.

Crafty thinkers ages 9 through 12—especially those with parent problems of their own—that are looking for a humorous, realistic story, will be bound to enjoy Dewey Fairchild: Parent Problem Solver. Highly Recommended.

Warning: Do not read this book if you are hungry . . . unless you have a warm plate of fresh baked cookies ready to munch on. There are many mentions (and small illustrations) of drool-worthy cookies throughout the pages.

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About the Author

Lorri Horn

Lorri Horn

Lorri Horn is an educator and an author. She has a degree in English, a teaching credential, has been Nationally Board Certified, and has taught pubic school for over 14 years. She loves cheese (and wants it to be its own food group, which made working on a vegan book a challenge), humor, baking, books, and spending time with her family. Lorri’s background as a career schoolteacher and instructional leader make her especially sympathetic to the needs and perspectives of children, and this sensitivity features in her work as an author. Lorri blogs on her website, lorrihorn.com. Her work has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post, Phi Delta Kappan, The College Board and Mayim’s Vegan Table. Lorri lives in California with her husband, son, and their dog, Wolfie.

About the Illustrator

Agnieszka Grochalska is an illustrator living and working in Warsaw, Poland. As a child she wanted to be an astronaut or a jet pilot. Eventually she changed her mind and dedicated her keen eye and steady hand to drawing precise and detailed compositions reminiscent of classical storybook illustrations.

She received a MFA in Graphic Arts in 2014, exploring traditional painting, printmaking, and sculpting along the way. Currently she works predominantly in digital medium, striving to make it look as natural as her works drawn traditionally. Her illustrative works were featured in group exhibitions both in Poland and abroad.

Agnieszka enjoys travel and cultural exchange with people from around the world, referencing those experiences in her works alongside the Slavic folklore of her homeland. When she isn’t drawing or traveling, you can find her exploring the worlds of fiction in books and story-driven games.

Agnieszka’s works can be viewed in her online portfolio at agroshka.com.

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