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Jazzy Lorye: I am a Sorcerer, by Johen Redman | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Johen Redman
The Children’s Book Review | August 28, 2017

Jazzy Loyre cover-imageJazzy Lorye: I am a Sorcerer

Written and Illustrated by Johen Redman

Age Range: 3 and up

Digital/Print Length: 37 pages


What to expect: Magic, fairy tales, kindness, friendship

Lorye is a magician, and he learns a fantastic new spell that allows him to travel across the universe in a flash. After a silly magical book tells him where to go, Lorye finds a destination and zooms across the universe. But when he arrives, he finds that things are not wonderful in this new land. He is in what was once a great wood, but now is merely forgotten stumps. Saddened by the tree stumps, Lorye wanders until he finds the last tree still standing. She is lonely, and tells Lorye to take all of her useful parts and distribute them to those in need. Lorye grants her wish to give away her flowers and leaves to others, including villagers, Skelekats and Buoyotters. Truly imaginative creatures! But when Monold the evil developer comes to cut down the last tree to build a shopping center, can Lorye save the land from becoming just another mall? Or is this new land destined to be treeless and barren forever?

Jazzy Loyre 2

Lorye is a joyful and kind little creature who wants to use his magic for good. The illustrations are colorful and engaging, and Lorye is perfectly sweet. The storyline is part morality tale, part adventure, and very unique. It touches on environmentalism, empathy and adventure, which can be a great starting point for conversations with young children about these big topics. The bright and engaging illustrations should lure even younger readers in.

This colorful book is offered in Chinese as well as English, and will eventually have German and Japanese versions as well.

Available Here in English, Chinese, and Japanese:

Also Available as an Interactive App:

More Informations

Jazzy Lorye’s Homepage: http://www.jazzylorye.com/
The Developer’s Website: https://elartedm.com/
The Publisher’s Website: https://elartedm.com/

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