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Bumble Bees: Buzzing, Beautiful, Beneficial, Big Bees | Book Review

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Article provided and sponsored by Carol Ann Kearns, Ph.D.
The Children’s Book Review | December 11, 2017

BumbleBeesfrontcoverGrown-ups want the best for their kids, but despite good intentions, often pass on an unfounded fear of bumble bees. By providing the science behind these big buzzers, Dr. Kearns helps supplant any negative, false information that children might have picked up from watching people scramble whenever a bumblebee enters the scene.

When kids learn about the unique physiology of these critters and how they help flowers, fruits, veggies, and other flora in our environment, they will better understand the importance of taking care of them.  And, if bumblebees are not taken care of by the future generation, the Bombus genus may cease to exist in the wild. By assuring young readers of the gentle nature of bumble bees and of their importance to our environment, these unique insects will more likely survive to serve the world well.

Clearly written and easily understood, Bumble Bees is chock-full of facts of which most of us are ignorant. How many of us know that each hind wing has a row of tiny hooks that catch onto a fold on the rear edge of the front wing, so that both wings are coupled together during flight? What do the legs of male bumblebees look like? How are buzz-pollinated flowers different from other flowers? Are cuckoo bumble bees sillier than the rest? While this book will make young readers smarter it will never leave them bored.

Complementing all of this information are detailed photographs that show what bees look like close up. Helpful graphs serve to illustrate facts and inform readers in ways that will help them analyze what they have read. The author also suggests activities that will further pique the learners’ curiosity.

Bumble Bees

Bumble bees is not only a fun, informative book, but it’s also an important one. We adults can’t allow the next generation to grow up afraid and ignorant of the role that wild bees play in our lives. We can’t allow our children to catch any of our unfounded fear that these big, black and yellow bombers want to attack us willy-nilly. This is an entertaining book that deserves a place in every children’s library.

Review by Cinda Kochen Ph.D.

Ages 9+ | Publisher: Northern Bee Books | December 2017 | ISBN-13: 978-1912271047

Available Here:

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