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Squiffy and the Vine Street Boys in … Shiver Me Timbers | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Steve Stïnson
The Children’s Book Review | August 31, 2018

squiffy_coverSquiffy and the Vine Street Boys in … Shiver Me Timbers

Written and Illustrated by Steve Stïnson

Age Range: 4-6

Hardcover: 32 pages

Publisher: Muddy Boots (2018)


What to Expect: Pirates, Imagination, Boys

Squiffy and the Vine Street Boys in … Shiver Me Timbers! is an exciting picture book filled with fun-loving boys, imagination galore, and plenty of pirate talk.

With one tree house and a vivid imagination, Squiffy, a young boy, sets about securing a crew to work on his ship that is built atop a tree. His friends, the Vine Street Boys, source the local soccer team and Squiffy initiates them into the crew with an “Arrgh” and a “Yo Ho Ho!” Captain Squiffy teaches his crew the ways of the pirate ship and does a great job explaining pirate talk. With terms such as “hoist the mizzen,” there’s a new phrase to learn on almost every page. Pretty quickly, the crew members discover that 18 pirates is one too many. As the ship begins to shake, and the tree sways, suspense and excitement build as the pirates learn the meaning of “shiver me timbers!” and lessons in potential and kinetic energy. They also learn that having fun together is worth repeating.

Along with the colorfully entertaining illustrations, this is a read-aloud tale worthy of a rambunctious crowd.

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About the Author

Steve Stïnson

Steve Stïnson

Steve Stinson is an artist and writer in Virginia, where he lives with his patient wife in the world’s smallest 5-bedroom house.

He got his first writing gig at age 16 – producing headlines for the local daily in his hometown of Fulton, Mo. – and stayed in newspapers for the next 25 years as a writer, editor, artist, and art director until he opened his own illustration and design studio in 2000.

Today, he is the founder and director of Assignment Ready Training, a program that uses art projects to teach workplace skills to people with learning disabilities.

When he was young and limber he was “Dr. Chumley,” the ringmaster and juggler in Circus Minimus, a festival show for children. In 1974, he rode a bicycle across Europe. It was far. In 1975, he rode a bicycle across America. It was farther.

In the 1980s, he syndicated a comic strip, “Hamlet,” with the Register & Tribune Syndicate.

He is the father of two, and step-father to four, and grandfather to 10 and counting, all reasons for America to be hopeful.

For more information, visit: http://www.squiffybooks.com and http://www.stevestinson.com

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