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Remembering Mother Nature, by Stuart French | Dedicated Review

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Remembering Mother Nature

Written by Stuart French 

Illustrated by Alvin Mulyono 

Age Range: 4 and up 

Hardcover: 28 pages

Publisher: Ethicool Books (2020)

ISBN-13: 9780648702405

What to expect: Environmental Picture Book

Australian author Stuart French compels young readers to take care of their planet in his engaging debut picture book, Remembering Mother Nature.

Once there lived a glorious old lady named Mother Nature. With her flowing gray hair sprinkled with flowers, a dress made out of leaves, and grounding earthy tree trunks for legs, she took care of Earth in all its natural glory. That was until the planet began to die due to those who took Earth’s resources for granted. Mother Nature appears worn out, and life on Earth looks dry, hot, and dismal until a young girl comes into the picture and declares that together they will save the planet, imploring the reader to take action, too. As the story concludes, a section has been included for readers to take notes on how they plan to help save the planet.

She pleaded to the people to not litter the seas, and she asked them kindly to not fell the trees. 

She shielded the animals from the hunters and thieves, and she begged them to leave the whales in the seas.

She soaked up the sun as its burning begun, and she tried and tried as her home slowly died.

But then YOU came running up by her side!”

French’s touching story bounces along with rhythm and rhyme, drawing the reader in with beauty, drama, and a call-to-action: Save the planet! Alvin Mulyono’s illustrations have a depth to them that entices the reader into the pages further—the artwork radiates in all the right places. An impactful moment takes place as Mother Nature shields some animals from hunters with rifles, creating an urgency for immediate action. When the young girl enters the story, she takes on the role that the reader would have if they were to be in the story, and she invites them in with an outstretched hand. For the most eco-conscious readers, suggestions for taking action can be found by visiting the ethicoolbooks.com site, mentioned at the end of the book.

Remembering Mother Nature, printed and distributed using sustainable practices, would make a good choice for introducing the concepts of activism and making environmentally friendly choices to any impassioned child ages four and up.

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About the Author

Stuart French

Born into one of planet earth’s most inspiring landscapes, Tasmania, children’s author Stuart French was immersed in Mother Nature’s finest work from his earliest days. Eternally curious and fascinated by languages, French studied Creative Writing at the University of Tasmania, where his richly-descriptive and poetic prose began to take its shape. Traveling extensively as a young adult, and constantly seeking the most remote of the world’s landscapes, reinforced his passion for wide-open spaces and the eternal preservation of what makes them so special. French now resides in Melbourne, Australia, and is the co-founder of the sustainable publisher, Ethicool Books, which launched in early 2020.

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