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How Santa Met the ELFs by Ben Dasaro Dedicated Review

How Santa Met the ELFs, by Ben Dasaro | Dedicated Review

Review of How Santa Met the ELFs
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How Santa Met the ELFs*

Written by Ben Dasaro

Illustrated by Batton Lash

Ages 4-6 | 30 Pages

Publisher: Ben Dasaro | ISBN-13: 978 -1541150614

What to Expect: Christmas, Rhyming, Aliens, and Geology

Everyone knows that Santa lives in a hidden location at the North Pole, rides a flying sleigh, and has an army of elves at his disposal. The question is—why? Perhaps the traditional explanation is wrong? Perhaps it was… aliens? When the local tinker, toymaker, and “man of science” amateur geologist Kris Kringle sees a mysterious glow in the sky one Christmas Eve, he assumes it is another meteorite and rushes to hitch up his reindeer and go and see for himself. Instead of more minerals to add to his collection, however, he finds a downed spacecraft full of ELFs (Extraterrestrial Life Forms). His mineral collection is just what they need to power up the failing batteries of their mothership, but unfortunately, it is going to take a very long time for those batteries to recover. Luckily, the North Pole is very similar to Planet Glick…

How Santa Met the ELFs* is a clever and funny tale with a thoroughly modern take on a classic story. Children today are exposed to both complex science and traditional stories simultaneously. They are sure to be both sympathetic to and amused by Kringle’s firm belief in science even as he is confronted with little green men! More importantly, the story gently encourages children to see the magic in the miraculous world of science they already inhabit and to not be afraid of exploring alternative ideas. The use of rhyme and rhythm reminiscent of the classic “Twas the Night Before Christmas” makes this a fun book to read aloud and a nice option for some light-hearted fun this holiday season.

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About the Author

Ben Dasaro,  born and raised in Brooklyn, NY,   has been an actor and comic improviser in film and TV for decades,  including appearances on 30 Rock,  Sopranos,  Louie, The Upright Citizens Brigade, Important Things with Demetri Martin,  and The Onion News Network,  among others… Having written plays, screenplays, sketch comedy, and songs, How Santa Met The ELFs is his first children’s book.  His dream is for it to become an Animated Musical Feature or TV Special like the ones he loved as a child!

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/HowSantaMetTheELFsBook/

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