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Children’s author Jeff Kinney continues to pump out his Wimpy Kid—related books—and for good reason. To date, there are five books in the series with a sixth in the works and each installment is as charming, fun, and engaging as the last.

In this charming tale we’re introduced to Mr. and Mrs. Crow, who live in a cottonwood tree above an old rattlesnake. Mrs. Crow, a devoted wife and avid homemaker, has wanted baby crows of her own for years and can’t quite figure out what happens to her eggs when she goes off to the market each day.

Whether high school is a distant memory or it’s on the agenda for tomorrow, readers both young and old will find themselves getting sucked into King’s latest. It may be part murder mystery, part high school drama, but it’s also one good read.

Unlike other non-fiction children’s books focused on historical events, Cromwell Dixon’s Sky-Cycle features bright and playful illustrations that lend a lighthearted feel to the events that unfold, making the story of a child soaring into the sky on an unreliable and homemade device more playful hat most parents would probably think possible.

Jeff Kinney added another addition to his increasingly popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid series: The Ugly Truth. This chapter of Greg Heffley’s life is chronicled in the same diary/illustration style so many children have come to know and love, but this time around the loveable protagonist is on the cusp of that very rocky period known as puberty.