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Get to know your favorite (or soon to be favorite) authors by reading our exclusive interviews. We love shining the spotlight on brilliant authors!


Children's Book author interviews

When you read an author interview on The Children’s Book Review, it’s likely that you will discover some of the secrets behind the book writing process from concept to published book, how the author’s own life experiences shaped their book(s), or what they like to snack on while writing, or which character from their book they would prefer to go on vacation with. We have featured authors that cover a myriad of age groups and genres, and there is certainly something for everyone here.

To get you started, here are some of our more recent author interviews:

E.K. Johnston Discusses A Thousand Nights

Donna Gephart, Author of Lily and Dunkin | Speed Interview

The Rise of Graphic Novels

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Author Interviews

The Shadow in the Moon, by Christina Matula, is a unique blend of traditional folklore and contemporary customs brings the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival to life.

Created by Renata Liwska and Mike Kerr, Crafty Llama is a story about crafting, friendship, and the very best gifts, perfect for fans of Extra Yarn.

Which five words best describe The Little Guides to Great Lives? Isabel Thomas: Inspirational true stories for everyone.

Jeff Mack is the award-winning author and illustrator of Duck in the Fridge and Duck on a Disco Ball—bedtime has never been so silly!

Mary Lyn Ray, author of The Thank You Book, has written many acclaimed books for children, including New York Times best-seller Stars, illustrated by Marla Frazee.

The Very Last Castle, by Travis Jonker, is a story about overcoming fear of the unknown, trying new things, and reaching out to make new friends.

Which five words best describe Poe Won’t Go? Kelly DiPucchio: Preposterous, pink, powerful, playful and pachydermish.

Co-authors Carole P. Roman and J. Robin Albertson Wren discuss Mindfulness for Kids:30 Fun Activities to Stay Calm, Happy, and In Control. Their new book introduces the valuable concept of mindfulness with ease.

Kate DiCamillo's latest book, Louisiana's Way Home, is a remarkable tale that showcases the power of writing things down and truly encourages readers to be both wily and empathetic.

Which five words best describe Teach Your Child Meditation: 70 Fun & Easy Ways to Help Kids De-Stress and Chill Out Lisa Roberts: Playful, Educational, Engaging, Resourceful, and Essential

Denise Dufala, a first-time children’s book author, always had the idea of Bomba, the gray bunny with glasses, in the back of her mind.  Bomba has emerged, and this interview provides some background.

Dan Richards grew up in a small town eating meat, avoiding vegetables, and cheering at the annual Irrigation Festival parade. Stu Truly is Dan's debut novel.

Which five words best describe Eraser? Anna Kang: mistakes - persistence - hard work - success.

The Storm Runner, by J.C. Cervantes, is a contemporary adventure based on Maya mythology from Rick Riordan Presents!

We're feeling lucky to have spoken with the award-winning creators M. T. Anderson and Eugene Yelchin about how the two came to be paired for such an unconventionally funny collaboration!

Which five words best describe Front Desk? Kelly Yang: Emotional, honest, funny, important and accessible.

Author Showcase Sponsored Interview The Children’s Book Review | September 10, 2018 Andy Gutman is a songwriter and a dreamer who tries to see the beauty in the world. He is the proud parent of Riley Claire, husband to Lesley Gutman, and the author of Charlie the Caterpillar. A self-described boring businessman by day, the Detroit, Michigan father unleashes his creative side at night while the world is asleep. He is also the author of Pop Lullaby, a gentle lullaby, and has written and produced numerous musical pieces, including song accompaniments to his children's books. The Children’s Book Review: In your first well-received book, Charlie the Caterpillar (2017), a sweet caterpillar discovers what makes him unique and special. What was it that inspired you to write this particular story? Andy Gutman: The inspiration was a conversation with my family.  My daughter was discussing caterpillars and wondering what went on in the cocoon.  The thought she had was a fashion show, trying on different kind of wings.  This turned into a song written for my daughter that was more about self-confidence and believing there is magic and something special in all of us. Can you share one highlight from Charlie and the Caterpillar? One of my favorite pages: Charlie, Charlie, Don’t despair It doesn’t

Eric Walters has written one hundred children’s books, which have won more than 125 awards.

Get to know Claudia from Kristin Levine’s The Jigsaw Jungle—a moving story of a family lost and then found, with a dash of mystery and loads of heart.

Samantha Berger's Snail Mail is a playful and educational story. Kids and parents alike will delight in this celebration of America's beauty and the power of a simple handwritten letter.