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Find books for Babies and Infants, Toddlers, Preschool Age, Grade School, Teens, and Young Adults.

By placing a high value on reading you are growing lifelong readers. Reading is the core skill behind almost all facets of learning. Kids that read (or kids that are read to) daily from an early age perform better on their report cards—not to mention the improved relationship benefits from a snuggly reading session between parent and child. At The Children’s Book Review’s we receive hundreds of books each month to consider for review. We know kids have different interests and different lifestyles and we do our very best to showcase a diverse list of books for all ages:

Books for Babies and Infants and Toddler Age Children, Ages 0-3

Books for Preschool to Elementary School Age Children, Ages 4-8

Books for Pre-Teens and Tweens, Ages 9-12

Books for Teens and Young Adults, Ages 13+

The key to creating lifelong readers is parental involvement. The literacy journey is a continuous learning path—parents have the power to motivate children through example and by staying connected. Beyond helping kids select age appropriate books that peak their interests, there are many things parents can do to help create a healthy reading habit. For 10 tips on creating lifelong readers, you can check out our article Family Reading: Reading Together & Reading Aloud.

If you feel that we must know about one of your favorite books for kids, and you consider yourself an on-line socialite, you can send us suggestions on books for infants and toddlers through our Twitter handle, and share your most distinguished books on Instagram or Facebook with #thechildrensbookreview.  In the meantime, keep turning pages out there.

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