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Chapter Books and Novels for Teens and Young Adult Readers, Ages 12+


Discover the best books and novels for young adult readers and teens through our curated collection of books.


Chapter Books and Novels for Teens and Young Adult Readers


Many adults wonder if teens actually read for fun anymore, others say, thanks to smartphones, they are reading more than ever … just not books. Between homework and social lives, sports and activities, maybe even a job, time is certainly beginning to get stretched thinly for teens (or young adults, if you prefer). Here at The Children’s Book Review, even if, statistically speaking, it’s true, we are not giving in to the idea that teens don’t like to read for pleasure. So … calling all young adults! We’re ready to dazzle you with the young adult book picks that we carefully select to feature from the 4,800+ books published for teens each year. You’ll find books in the following subjects: Fantasy: Supernatural Fiction, and .

Here are a few young adult book reviews and lists to get you started:

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Books for Ages 12+

Debut author Sean March's Little Wade and Watchtower is a dark, dangerous, and wholly exciting new series for middle grade readers.

Whether they tackle issues head-on or use the election as the backdrop for an engaging story, here are some favorite election-themed books for teens!

An understanding of the United States Constitution—and the amendments—will provide them with fuel for getting involved and making a difference. The following books offer up digestible information.

Rosanne A. Brown discusses her debut novel, A SONG OF WRAITHS AND RUIN—already on the New York Time’s Bestseller list!

An intricately detailed and enormously entertaining read, A SONG OF WRAITHS AND RUIN will endlessly entertain teens and adults alike.

Young adult literature is powerful on audio with themes of identity, activism, and friendships. Teens can immerse themselves in these excellent listening experiences.

The Little Prince is a thin book with its mere ninety-eight pages, but don't be fooled; it's a brilliant book meant to be deeply thought about and to encourage you to build castles in the air.

Bradley's Dragons is an excellent choice for readers who enjoy thought-provoking, thrilling, and suspenseful fantasy stories!

Our Friendship Matters is punctuated by a message of hope that there is a future and a way forward through the problem of racial injustice.

Read these stories written by black voices. Read them with your children and teens and start a conversation so that we may have hope for an undivided future in which all communities feel safe.

Young adult literature is powerful on audio. From full-cast productions to sensational author narrations, audiobooks provide a new way of connecting to these works.

Karen Benke has a handwritten letter + envelope surprise subscription for kids, to get them interested in snail mail.

The Words of the Wandering is the third compelling book in author D.E. Night’s The Crowns of Croswald series. Royalty, dragons, a battle of magic quills, and a growing darkness are elements bound to capture fans of the fantasy genre.

The Wizenard Series: Season One is an inspiring, encouraging, and must-read novel for any baller or sports enthusiast!

This month, the book that tops off the best selling middle-grade book list from our affiliate store is the 1945 Newbery Honor winner

Eat the Cake is an inspirational and joyful treat for readers of all ages and we have the scoop (an interview à la mode, if we may).

Award-winning author Leslie Connor's new novel, A Home for Goddesses and Dogs, is the story of an eighth-grader who has recently lost her mother and is working through her grief with the support of her aunt and the help of a rascally rescue dog.

In addition to her lifelong acting career, Danica McKellar is an internationally-recognized mathematician and advocate for math education.

We know a good book when we see one. In 2019, we saw 14 of them that we're happy to call the best young adult books of 2019!

In our list of the best kids chapter books and novels of 2019—perfect for ages 6 through 14—you'll find a fantastic and colorful selection of realism, historical fiction, fantasy, non-fiction, and even a joke book!