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Book Reviews and Recommendations:

Preteen and Tween, Ages 9-12


With maturity developing and a wide range of reading abilities among preteens and tweens, middle grade novels (books for ages 9 and up) begin to soar with well-developed fantastical worlds, a gentle increase in the complexities of social and emotional plot developments, smaller fonts, and more pages.


Children's Book Reviews for ages 9 to 12

While kids used to read books featuring characters around their age, preteens and tweens begin to “read up”–they often like to read about characters older than themselves, while also reserving the right to “read down” at any moment in time. We believe that our job here at The Children’s Book Review is to select excellent middle grade books that cover the many interests, maturity levels, and varying ranges of emotional readiness of kids ages 9-12. Our middle grade book reviews and book lists cover everything from the simply fun to stories that begin to raise difficult questions. You’ll find fantasy novels, mystery books, historical fiction, graphic novels (books that are formatted in comic book style), and much, much more.

Here are a few middle grade book lists to get you started:

5 Laugh-Out-Loud and Reach-for-the-Kleenex Middle Grade Novels

5 Amazing Middle Grade Books

5 Middle Grade Books That I’ll Never Lend Out to Anyone Ever

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Boos for Ages 9-12

Doris Wild Helmering discusses The Boy Whose Idea Could Feed The World, a nourishing and enriching read that promises something for everyone.

The Boy Whose Idea Could Feed The World, by Doris Wild Helmering, is truly a nourishing and enriching read!

Combine this book with a reading from your favorite Harry Potter book, and you’ve got a magical time ahead of you.

Got a young marine biologist or, more specifically, an ichthyologist in your house? It's time to dive right into these incredible kids books about sharks.

The book is a joy for lovers of JK Rowling’s Wizarding World, and would make an excellent gift for the Potterhead who has just about everything.

8 New Middle Grade Books for Ages 7-14 (and Beyond) We’ve picked 8 middle grade books that we think are some of the best new books for preteens and tweens that release during the month of July.

Winnie: The True Story of the Bear Who Inspired Winnie-the-Pooh, with its engaging plot and appealing illustrations, should be every parent's go-to choice when introducing nonfiction to children.

Which five words best describe Survivor Diaries: Overboard!? Terry Lynn Johnson: Intense. Chilling. Immediate. Factual. Exciting.

A key contribution to supporting STEM education, My Amazing Body Machine introduces children to the complexity and ingenuity of their own bodies.

Here are some of our favorite books and performances that my daughter would request over and over again.

Karen English is a Coretta Scott King Honor Award-winner and the author of the Nikki and Deja and The Carver Chronicles series.

Each month, we have fun checking out which kids book series' were the best sellers from our affiliate bookstore.

The best selling middle grade book from our affiliate store makes perfect sense. 101 Books to Read Before You Grow Up, by Bianca Schulze, is a great tool for summer reading!

Get to know Stella Glass from Jaleigh Johnson’s The Quest to the Uncharted Lands, another magical and thrilling stand-alone adventure set in the world of Solace!

Amazing (Mostly) Edible Science is an ingenious way to introduce your children to the amazing world of science.

And so I present the Joe Ballarini Summer Reading List filled with adventure, humor, heart, and monsters galore.

Check out Mark Parisi’s selfie from the shelfie with Marty Pants: Do Not Open!

Phillip Pullman's storytelling is simply masterful. So grab your compass, follow the directions to the most comfortable reading spot you can find, and get ready to stay a while, because this is a real page turner.

Come along with award-winning author Loretta Neff on the Sip Tea with Mad Hatter awareness tour, as she engages young minds and instills the values that can shape and transform their lives .

Parents want a book that strikes the right balance between fact and fun for new science learners. How Machines Work: Zoo Break! does just that. Highly recommended.