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Book Reviews and Recommendations:

Preteen and Tween, Ages 9-12


With maturity developing and a wide range of reading abilities among preteens and tweens, middle grade novels (books for ages 9 and up) begin to soar with well-developed fantastical worlds, a gentle increase in the complexities of social and emotional plot developments, smaller fonts, and more pages.


Children's Book Reviews for ages 9 to 12

While kids used to read books featuring characters around their age, preteens and tweens begin to “read up”–they often like to read about characters older than themselves, while also reserving the right to “read down” at any moment in time. We believe that our job here at The Children’s Book Review is to select excellent middle grade books that cover the many interests, maturity levels, and varying ranges of emotional readiness of kids ages 9-12. Our middle grade book reviews and book lists cover everything from the simply fun to stories that begin to raise difficult questions. You’ll find fantasy novels, mystery books, historical fiction, graphic novels (books that are formatted in comic book style), and much, much more.

Here are a few middle grade book lists to get you started:

5 Laugh-Out-Loud and Reach-for-the-Kleenex Middle Grade Novels

5 Amazing Middle Grade Books

5 Middle Grade Books That I’ll Never Lend Out to Anyone Ever

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Boos for Ages 9-12

Monsterville, by Sarah S. Reida, is described as Jumanji meets The Goonies—a fast-paced adventure where board games come alive.

The perfect Halloween read, Monsterville is Jumanji meets Goonies, a fast-paced adventure where board games come alive and winning your life depends on applying monster movie rules of survival.

Disclaimer: This is a satirical article written by Jonathan W. Stokes, author of Addison Cooke & the Treasure of the Incas.

Exciting! 101 Books to Read Before You Grow Up, by Bianca Schulze, is our best selling middle grade book from our affiliate store this month.

These five family favorites selected by Beth Vrabel, author of A Blind Guide to Normal, are books that helped her family enjoy and navigate various stages of their family life.

Lauren Wolk: My mother’s stories of her childhood on a small farm in western Pennsylvania inspired Wolf Hollow.

Back to the Future meets The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time in this original, poignant, race-against-time story about a boy who travels back to 1984 to save his father’s life.

We had the chance to speak with Katherine Paterson about the newly released movie version of her book, The Great Gilly Hopkins.

Kate Beasley earned an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults at Vermont College of Fine Arts. Gertie’s Leap to Greatness is her first book.

If You Were Me and Lived in … Viking Europe is another great addition to this edutainment series for children ages 7 and up.

With so many amazing books to be discovered and read and far too many to list in one fun book, the 101 awesome books that I have selected as the books to read before kids grow up have one collective message

We’ve picked 16 of the best new middle grade books for kids ages 7 through 12, from the many middle grade books that release this month.

Join us as we go on the 101 Books to Read Before You Grow Up tour with the founder of The Children's Book Review, Bianca Schulze.

Frazzled is a story that I wrote and illustrated about Abbie Wu, a kid who is always freaking out. Abbie is just starting middle school and has to navigate a whole new world with its 8th grade nemeses, corrupt cafeteria system, and lunch room politics.

The art of recreating prehistoric life has been coined paleoart (paleo for paleontology) fairly recently and has become a growing segment of scientific art.

WOLF HOLLOW is a beautifully written, heart-wrenching book for readers of all ages. Middle grade readers will be drawn to Annabelle's heart and courage, young adult readers to the mystery, and adults to the crushing dam of emotion Wolk skillfully portrays.

This month’s best selling kids series from The Children’s Book Review’s affiliate store is J.K. Rowling's famously famous Harry Potter series

Keeping the list of middle grade books to only five is a big challenge for a reader like Tink, but here are a few she wouldn’t want you to forget.

The good news is there are a few handy tips to help your imaginary outsider authentically walk apart from the crowd.

Our selection of books picked from the nationwide best selling middle grade list on The New York Times, includes Rick Riordan's The Trials of Apollo: Book One: The Hidden Oracle.