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Book Reviews and Recommendations:

Infant and Toddler Age Children, Ages 0-3


Reading to our kids has never been more important than now.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends through policy that pediatricians consult parents on the importance of reading aloud to children during the early years.  A jump-start on reading is a jump-start on language comprehension.


Children's Book Reviews for ages 0 to 3

Here at The Children’s Book Review we receive hundreds of books each month to review, and these are a few that have remained our absolute favorite infant and toddler books of all time.  Who could not forget Goodnight Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown; and the little old lady, or the sneaky crew at the zoo in Good Night, Gorilla, by Peggy Rathman; and a fun story that teaches us there’s no point in trying to hide a red ripe strawberry, The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear, by Audrey and Don Wood.  Children love these tales, and probably quite a few adults too.

In this section of our online reading oasis, our infant and toddler book reviews  are appropriate and fun for any child age 0-3.  Books with good amounts of color and simple illustration are perfect for fine tuning our newest readers.  We have alphabet books, animal books, bedtime books, and beyond. Take a look at some of our current articles:

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If you are a socialite, digitally speaking, and feel that we must know about one of your favorite books for ages 0-3, you can send us suggestions on books for infants and toddlers through our Twitter handle, and share your most distinguished books on Instagram or Facebook with #thechildrensbookreview.  In the meantime, keep turning pages out there.

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Books for Ages 0-3

Spring, summer, fall, or winter, these books embrace the seasons beautifully, highlighting the delights of our extraordinary weather and ecology here on Earth!

From acclaimed author Amy Parker of the beloved NIGHT NIGHT TRAIN, as well as many other children’s favorites, NIGHT NIGHT, SLEEPYTOWN is a sweet way to wind down before bed.

This month the best selling picture book from our affiliate store is a book from our list 11 Kids’ Books on Dealing with Loss, Grief, Illness and Trauma, A Terrible Thing Happened.

How about adding something quite a bit healthier to those Easter baskets? Bunny books!

To celebrate Unicorn Day (and every other day a little magic is required), here are some of our favorite books about these splendid icons of wonder

Feast your eyes on this list! Here are some of the best picture books of 2019 that have released so far.

From January through March, these are the board books of 2019 that we love the most

So many women have worked incredibly hard for equality and it is an honor to read about them. Here are 12 inspiring kids books about women who changed the world in their own special way

This month the best selling picture book from our affiliate store is Grumpy Monkey, written by Suzanne Lang and illustrated by Max Lang—a truly endearing picture book about dealing with unexplained feelings.

It’s Just a Bunnypalooza, is the third book in the series. Brenda Faatz and Peter Trimarco discuss this latest book here

It’s Just a Bunnypaloozais a toe-tapping picture book. In it, bubbly Lizzy discovers a new talent inspired by a bunch of adorable bunnies, but not before dealing with a little bit of self-doubt.

Choose five of our family’s favorite children’s books? Impossible! There are just TOO many we love! So, how to choose? Hey . . . five kids . . . five family favorites . . . should be simple, right?

Filled with simplistic illustrations and bold, beautiful colors, these board books are perfect to catch the attention of even the smallest children.

Take a breath. Inhale. Exhale. Read your way to a calmer day with 5 books For raising happy, calm, and resilient kids.

This month the best selling picture book from our affiliate store is The Wonderful Things You Will Be, written and illustrated by Emily Winfield Martin.

Do Not Lick This Book is fun and educational – a real treat.

This pair of picture books makes a great set of books perfect for the child getting glasses, or for the classroom. Both are highly recommended.

Henry Winterbottom and the Feeling Rainbow has been written and illustrated to help children understand emotions through Henry’s experience with a colorful spectrum of feelings.

Henry Winterbottom and the Feeling Rainbow, a delightful tale about a creative child named Henry, is aimed at introducing children to emotions.

These 2 books are special—encouraging each of us, children and adults alike, that we are all enough just as we are