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The amazing Amy Cheney currently works at Write to Read – Juvenile Justice Center and has an amazing blog. We know you’ll enjoy this moving interview and the wonderful book suggestions. We sure did!

Holly Kuhlman is the exuberant library clerk whom you can find amidst the shelves of the library at Glenwood Elementary School in San Rafael, California. We’re honored to shine the spotlight on our first library clerk for TCBR’s “On the Shelf column” and we know you’ll enjoy her book suggestions.

Nancy Pearl has worked as both a librarian and a bookseller and is the librarian equivalent of Wonder Woman. She has been gifted with a wide range of superhuman powers; including, but not limited to, a natural ability to book talk. We’re so honored to have spoken with Wonder Woman herself and we are delighted to share her excellent book suggestions.

Lisa Taylor is a “shelf-employed” children’s librarian whom you can find amidst the shelves of a public library. This fabulous blogging librarian is well and truly tapped into the wonderful world of children’s literature. Nothing makes her happier than placing the right book in the right hands at the right time.

Patty Saidenberg is the hardworking librarian of George Jackson Academy in New York city. With a deep fascination for why people are motivated to stay literate, Patty Saidenberg is a great new edition to our On the Shelf column.

Elizabeth Bird is the Youth Materials Specialist of New York Public Library. She is also the sensational voice of the School Library Journal’s A Fuse #8 Production and has served on Newbery. In her usual jaunty manner, Elizabeth talked to TCBR about becoming a librarian and shared many not-to-miss books, new and old.

Margaret Stawowy is a “reluctant reader” specialist, non-fiction enthusiast, and she utilizes her talents that life has provided, to inspire her library work and the children that enter the San Rafael Public Library. Read on and you’ll most likely discover a few books to match the reading flavor of the children in your life.

To kick off TCBR’s new column “On the Shelf,” which shines a spotlight on brilliant children’s librarians, April Hayley, MLIS, graciously talked to us about becoming a librarian, among other great topics. Do you think you can guess which is the most checked out children’s book at San Anslemo Public Library in California?