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Catch the Moon, by Gary Hutchinson | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Gary Hutchinson
The Children’s Book Review | August 21, 2016

Catch Me the MoonCatch the Moon

Written by Gary Hutchinson

Illustrated by Mike Motz

Paperback: 32 pages

Age Range: 3 and up

Publisher: Iguana Publishing

ISBN: 978-1771801881

What to expect: Preschoolers, grandparents, bedtime

Madeline visits her grandparents and their dog, Stanley, all the time. She really loves to play with the dog and let him lick her face. But, one day, Madeline sees the moon outside her grandparents’ window. “Catch me the moon!” she implores her grandfather. The next time she visits, she and her grandfather build a cardboard box to catch the moon. Although they never catch the moon in it, Madeline plays house in the box with Stanley. Then, her grandfather has a grand idea – build an even bigger box outside to catch the moon. It takes a turn of the seasons, but eventually Madeline’s grandfather calls with good news: he’s caught the moon in his big outdoor box. When Madeline arrives to see it, she is delighted. If she stands in the right place, the moon appears just inside the box. Success!

Catch Me the Moon pg. 6

Catch Me the Moon is a sweet story about a girl and her very inventive grandfather. Catching the moon is no simple task, but somehow he finds a way to give his little granddaughter her greatest wish. Along the way they have a lot of fun, building inter-generational relationships and strengthening familial bonds.

This would be a fun book for grandparents to read to their grandchildren, or for any little one right before bed. The story is very endearing, and the illustrations are colorful. There were some word choices, (“Dah” instead of “yes”) that might be confusing, but overall this is a fun read. It would be great for snuggling with your favorite grandchild.

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