Top Picks from YA Bloggers in the Know, #9

By Nicki RichesinThe Children’s Book Review
Published: December 16, 2012

The five sassy ladies at Girls in the Stacks kindly agreed to share their YA reading picks for the new year with TCBR. You must check out their entertaining video author interviews and bookish podcasts that feature in-depth conversations. Without further ado, here are their top YA selections for January-February 2013. Happy reading and Happy New Year!!

Author Showcase

By Bianca Schulze, The Children’s Book Review
Published: December 14, 2012

Linda Jones

Linda Jones is a mom, wife, poetry enthusiast, and has sold several titles commercially in the scrapbooking market.  Alphabet Anatomy is her first series of children’s books and Jones dishes on the inspiration for her series and the collaboration with her illustrator son. Learn more at: http://alphabetanatomy.com.

Author Showcase

Explore the Art of Learning the Letters and their Lives

ALPHABET ANATOMY looks behind the scenes at the letters …

because they’re not always busy making words.

In her debut book, “Meet the Capital Letters,” new author Linda Jones has ingeniously created an innovative personality and activities for each letter by examining the letter’s shape and sound.   Jones’ amusing rhyming verses and illustrations provide a glimpse into the letters’ lives, while vividly instructing on the four interconnected letter components, including how to write the letter, thus its anatomy.  Who knew that letter F is focused on fitness, letter P has a passion for pizza, and letter T builds a totally terrific tree house?!