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Stand Up and Whistle

Stand Up and Whistle, by Phyllis Perry | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Amberjack Publishing
The Children’s Book Review | July 19, 2016

Stand Up and WhistleStand Up and Whistle

Written by Phyllis Perry

Illustration by Agnieszka Grochalska

Age Range: 8-12 years

Hard cover: 164 pages

Publisher: Amberjack Publishing (July 19, 2016)

ISBN:  978-0997237757

What to expect: Strong and Compelling Female Characters, Activism, Friendship

As the story opens, we meet seventh graders Jeannie and Mary Jo. The girls are observing prairie dogs popping out of their holes in a field, but soon learn that this prairie dog colony is in the way of a construction project. Worried for the safety of the animals, the girls ask a construction worker about their fate, and are shocked to learn that the prairie dogs will be killed to make way for the building of a new mall. The girls get active, and begin to make inquiries with the construction company. Making little progress there, they start work on a report for a science class on the importance of prairie dogs within the ecosystem, using their growing knowledge as a catalyst for further activism. They write a letter to the local newspaper that explains the importance of the prairie dogs, and the fate they face if no one intervenes. Seeking out the help of the Animal Defense Fund, the girls participate in a protest to save the prairie dogs, and end up at the police station as a result of their efforts. Soon they take up more peaceable means of resistance, organizing a petition and planning to speak at an upcoming city council meeting and collecting signatures in support of their cause. Even when the petitions—featuring a thousand names of supporters—go missing, the girls press forward, ultimately recovering them in time for Jeannie to speak before city council – but will they be able to save the prairie dogs in time?

Stand Up and Whistle Illustration

Stand Up and Whistle is an intelligently written work that young readers will certainly enjoy. It powerfully combines social protest, environmentalism, and some very effective education on ecosystems—especially as it pertains to the often-overlooked role of more modest creatures like prairie dogs. A strong story that showcases friendship, perseverance, and the importance of sticking to one’s ideals and beliefs, Stand Up and Whistle will hold the attention of readers right up to the final page.

Stand Up and Whistle Illustration 2

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About the Author
Phyllis Perry

Phyllis Perry

As a teacher in California, New Jersey, and Colorado, Phyllis J. Perry was always looking for the best, most interesting books she could find for her students. Not always successful in finding exactly what she wanted, she promised herself that one day she would write to fill that void. Retired and writing full time now, she has published more than eighty books for children and adults.

Many of her books have been about animals. She has written about training rescue dogs, about poisonous sea creatures off the coast of Australia, about tigers, crocodiles, bats and even mice. It was only natural that the plight of prairie dogs would catch her attention and result in a book for young readers. Since she lives in Colorado, just a short drive from Rocky Mountain National Park, it is also natural that several of her nonfiction books are about the park and some of the exciting historical figures involved in its creation.

Phyllis loves the theater, not only attending plays in her area, but also acting in roles in local venues. She enjoys sight-seeing trips to National Parks, especially in Alaska. When she isn’t writing, in the theater, or sight-seeing, she can often be found immersed in reading a good British mystery.

About the Illustrator

Agnieszka Grochalska is an artist living and working in Poland. Agnieszka works predominantly in the medium of digital art, but is also familiar with a variety of traditional art techniques.

Stand Up and Whistle Illustration 3 Prairie Dog

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