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Protogenesis, by Alysia Helming Dedicated Review

Protogenesis, by Alysia Helming | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Protogena Chronicles Inc.
The Children’s Book Review | March 3, 2017

Protogenesis by Alysia HelmingProtogenesis

Written by Alysia Helming

Paperback: 385 pages

Age Range: Young adult

Publisher: Cool Planet Publishing (2016)

ISBN: 978-0-9984811-1-1

What to expect: Coming of age story, thrilling plotlines, suspense, criminal activity

Protogenesis, the first book in the Protogena Chronicles, opens with a premonition. Helene Crawford sees a vision of her mother as a ghost and an army marching under the orders of Zeus, the god of the sky and the ruler of the Greek gods. This short passage sets the stage for a thrilling adventure story that seamlessly blends modern-day teenage angst with the trials and tribulations of Greek mythology.

Young Helene is a normal teenager in a normal town in California whose life goes from ordinary to extraordinary in the blink of an eye. Police officers arrive at her home one afternoon with the devastating news that her mother has died in a fire. They fear that the fire may have been intentional—and that the Greek Mafia might be behind the arson. Her mother’s lawyer advises her to travel to Greece to stay with her godfather in Athens—someone Helene has never met and didn’t know existed. Faced with no alternatives and a growing fear that the Greek Mafia is coming after her, too, she decides to run.

Helene learns very quickly that she can trust no one. She believes her mother is still alive and decides to search for her in Greece. She finds her godfather in Athens and begins school there, where she meets an interesting cast of characters. As the days pass, the plot thickens and Helene begins a transformation that surprises everyone around her but most of all, herself.

“Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, the transformation from Protogenesis can be drastic and life changing.”

Protogenesis is a thrilling story full of plot twists and turns sure to enthrall young adults who are interested in Greek mythology, science fiction and romance. Combining a modern-day love triangle with science fiction concepts such as time travel, parallel universes and alternate realities, Protogenesis is sure to be a young adult best seller.

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About the Author

Alysia Helming

Alysia Helming

Alysia Helming, with a strong desire and passion for writing, began to write her own short stories and plays for school in third grade.

In 2000, Alysia coauthored a pilot for a TV series, “One Degree of Separation” and in 2006, she coordinated the local premiere of the feature-length movie “The Great Warming” starring Alanis MorisseLe and Keanu Reeves, assisting with the nationwide release of the film. As a former student in Screenwriting at University of California, Los Angeles, Alysia wrote a full length feature film screenplay, “The Green Warrior”, in 2009-2010.

Protogenesis is Alysia’s first novel, which is the first in the seven novel series, The Protogena ChroniclesTM. She is enjoying her writing journey, traveling regularly between her home in the Oakland Hills nestled above the San Francisco Bay, and Athens Greece, the primary setting for her novel series.

From 2015, she visited Athens, Greece ten times. Each trip, she met many friends and collaborators that helped her to thoroughly understand the rich culture, mythology and unique challenges that the Greek people face through the current crisis there. As a result, her mission is to help Greece by offering a message of hope and to drive tourism there through her book series. Her ‘journey behind the writing’ is just as interesting as the novel series!

When she isn’t writing, Alysia is considered a ‘Clean Energy Guru’. She’s the Executive Vice President of Green Reach, Inc., a diversified renewable energy company, which manages the affairs of the Helming Family Trust. She is also a Board Director and a majority investor/owner in Pristine Sun, a major solar independent power producer in the United States. Alysia enjoys spending time with her young son and husband, as well as activities such as hiking, swimming, mountain climbing, ballet, cooking and traveling.

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