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Davy’s Pirate Ship Adventure, by Danual Berkley | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Danual Berkley
The Children’s Book Review | June 8, 2018

Davys Pirate Ship Adventure CoverDavy’s Pirate Ship Adventure

Written by Danual Berkley

Illustrated by Amariah Rauscher

Age Range: 4 – 7 years

Paperback: 36 pages

Publisher:  Danual Berkley

ISBN:  978-0692092187

What to expect: Pirates, Adventure, Rhyme

Davy’s Pirate Ship Adventure takes readers on an imaginary journey with Davy and his pirate crew, who encounter some unexpected twists and turns as they navigate their ship through the high seas. The magical boat is built so that Davy and his crew can search for gold but a rogue monster and an unexpected storm change the boat’s course. Davy is forced to think fast to keep the adventure afloat.

This pirate tale is a wonderfully imaginative story that allows Davy to be the hero as he helps his crew find solutions to each obstacle they run into throughout their journey. Berkley presents the story with such whimsical ease that young readers will feel transported onto the boat, wondering what will happen with each turn of the page. The rhyming words jump from the pages and will delight readers of all ages.

“But once again there was trouble, and a storm began to grow.

The sea began to spin and spin, and the wind began to blow.”

Supporting the enchanting story are playful illustrations that clearly represent the mind of a young pirate explorer – bright, cheerful, and full of color. These illustrations are a charming addition to the book overall, adding depth and scale to Davy’s magical adventure.


Young readers and their grown ups will love joining Davy on his pirate ship adventure, especially if rhyming books are typically a favorite. The book will also appeal to families that are excited to celebrate children’s bright imaginations and the role families play in supporting pretend play.

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About the Author

Danual Berkley

Danual Berkley

I’m Danual Berkley. Simply put, I’m a full-time fire fighter, husband, father of two little boys, Army vet, and a guy with a dream. My dream is to one day become a well known children’s author.

I self-published my first book  Wonderful Magical Place in 2009. I wrote most of the poems while on tour in Iraq to cheer up my bunk mates after a long mission. I figured, once published, it would just sell itself. That wasn’t the case. Until recently, I had almost completely given up on that dream, thinking “Maybe that life isn’t meant for you,’’ but the excitement and joy of writing never went away. It stayed with me. Daydreaming of walking into a Barnes and Noble and seeing my book on display started to become dangerous. Why, you say? Because most of the time, I would have those daydreams during long drives.

So, here I am again back on the chase! But this time, I’m taking my family along for the ride, and the adventures we’ve had along the way have become some of my biggest ideas yet!

Facebook | www.danualberkley.com

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