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If you like to enter giveaways and better yet winning free stuff then you’re arrived at the right place. We regularly host giveaways for children’s and young adult book authors, illustrators, and publishers. And this is where we get to share some serious book love with our readers! Picture books, novels, non-fiction titles, autographed books, Kindles, gift cards for purchasing even more books … these are just some of the prizes we frequently have up for grabs. Most giveaways offer daily entries and/or bonus entries to maximize your chances of winning our brilliant book swag. Dive in below to check out our current giveaways, follow the individual rules provided with each giveaway, and enter away to your heart’s content.

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Book Giveaways + Bookish Swag

Fabulastic’s first pop-up personalized book makes your little one the star of an incredible adventure.

In this sweet collection of children’s poems, Chuckles and Smiles, Raven Howell reveals all the little things in life that put smiles on children’s faces.

To learn more about BRADLEY'S DRAGONS, join us on this virtual book tour for Patrick Matthew's Bradley's Dragons.

A Whale of the Wild weaves a heart-stopping tale of survival with impeccable research on a delicate ecosystem and threats to marine life.

Busy parents looking to enrich the time spent with their children will love this prize pack!

Join us on this virtual book tour for A Little Spark, by Chris Parsons.

Which five words best describe Stealing Mt. Rushmore? Daphne Kalmar: Heartbreak, Hope, Awakening, Betrayal, Family

Laura Purdie Salas is an award-winning author of more than 125 books for children, including CLOVER GOES TO KITTYGARTEN.

Buckets Goes on a Winter Adventure is a story of friendship and determination, and will encourage readers of all ages to explore the mysteries of the world around them.

Experience the delight found at each and every turn and the fun it is to wander, wonder, and learn!

Follow the Monster Twins as they discover their shared past and do their best to make a better future for themselves, their families, and others like them.

Kataneh Vahdani is a children’s book author and illustrator. Kat and Juju is her first picture book series. 

Each book in the EQ Explorers series is designed to educate and inspire children through beautifully illustrated, creative-yet-relatable tales. With each story, the author shares a simple and powerful principle of happiness and emotional wellness—one adventure at a time.

Dizzy Woods loves to draw. But when her dreams take her into her pictures, her world is turned upside down, and inside out.

Gizmo 4 President, the latest installment of Gizmo's Awesome Adventures, is packed with summer fun, doggy pals, messages of eco-conservation and activism, and even includes a lesson in civics.

For our tenth installment of the “Learn to Draw on TCBR” series, director, storyteller, professor, and mama bird Kataneh Vahdani teaches us how to draw both Kat and Juju from their namesake picture book Kat and Juju.

Designed to be read aloud and interacted with, parents will take pleasure in the playful text as much as children will enjoy gently rocking the book from side to side as they sing the dragon a lullaby.

No one is too young to learn to code! Programming and all things technology are here to stay and will be dictating our future. Here are some great picks to get your child interested!

Think Outside the Box unlocks the key to applying creativity to daily life and turning any problem or worry inside out.

Dr. Mawhinney is biracial, like her character Lulu, and an expert on teaching diverse populations and in urban environments.

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