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Just B: Baby’s First Book of Objects | Dedicated Review

Just B Baby's First Book of Objects

Just B: Baby’s First Book of Objects

By Melody Ashling Kloepfer, Illustrated by Misty Neyens 

Board Book: 22 pages

Age Range: 0-3 years

Publisher: Melody Ashling Kloepfer (2014)

ISBN: 978-0989707206

What to Expect: Everyday objects that begin with the letter “B”, Bright colors, Vibrant illustrations.

Just B: Baby’s First Book of Objects is an ideal board book to share with babies and toddlers who are learning to identify colors, sounds, and words. Written by Melody Kloepfer, and illustrated by Misty Neyens, this book is deceptively simple: each page features an object starting with the “B” sound and an illustration.  However, this simplicity is perhaps what makes Just B: Baby’s First Book of Objects, the perfect board book, as it facilitates repetition and object recognition, two important features of an early board book.

As the title suggests, each object in the book starts with the letter “B” and includes words that are common and relevant for the recommended age range, such as “baby”, “birds”, “blocks”, and “bed”. These purposefully chosen words are effective for helping our youngest readers learn about the world around them through sound-picture-object association.

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The illustrations are vibrant, appealing, and colorful and take center stage against the bright, solid backgrounds on each page. Babies begin to see depth around 5 months and the black outline of each illustration allows for contrast, and will capture the attention of even the wiggliest readers.  In addition, given that the “B” sound is one of the earliest speech sounds acquired by babies, repetition of this letter will also help with developing speech patterns and letter identification.

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Just B: Baby’s First Book of Objects is a book that can progressively grow with readers. Repetition is stimulating and comforting at this age and from learning the sounds, words, and objects to learning how to read the words, this book will evolve with little ones as they advance.  Though there is only one word per page, this book allows for plenty of conversation as Kloepfer has chosen words toddlers can easily make connections with in their normal day-to-day life.  This will engage the minds of young readers, and is a key reason why Just B: Baby’s First Book of Objects would make a wonderful gift or addition to any home library. In addition, Just B: Baby’s First Book of Objects is printed in the United States and complies with safety requirements and sustainable forestry methods.


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About the Author

One day while playing with different consonants with her 6-month-old son, Melody Ashling Kloepfer noticed many items he interacted with during the first few months of his life began with the letter “B”. She believed “B” was a great consonant to work with because it was easy for many babies to pronounce and this realization led to the creation of this book. Since then, one of her son’s favorite things to say is “Bah Bah Bah”.

Melody Ashling Kloepfer is a mom to an amazing son, Garrison; wife to a wonderful husband, Rick; an avid yogi and planet earth lover. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Ecology and is presently writing her second children’s book inspired by her family and love of nature.

About the Illustrator

Web design is Misty Neyens’ chosen profession, and she is currently based in Minnesota. While attaining her Bachelor’s degree in Art, she also studied early childhood development. Her interest in education stems from her parents, who are both lifelong educators. Her children, Hank and Raini, are incredible sources of inspiration in her life. She enjoys camping with her family and is passionate about the outdoors and helping others.

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